"You Cant Bring Me Down"

"First off, let's take it from the start
Straight out, can't change what's in my heart
No one, can tear my beliefs apart
You can't bring me"

"You ain't, never seen no one like me
Prevail, regardless what the cost might be
Power flows inside of me
You can't bring me"

"Stand up, we'll all sing along
Together, ain't nothin' as strong
Won't quit, we ain't in the wrong
You can't bring me
You can't bring me down"

Skirt//Downtown LA
Jelly Shoes//Urban Outfitters
Photos by Bryan Martinez

You can't bring me down because this has been the best summer of my life and it just started. I spent a week in Mexico (I will share my pictures as soon as I get the film developed). I have also been able to sleep in and catch up with friends. I hung out with my best friend on Saturday after months of not seeing each other. She just graduated from USC and I'll be photographing her graduation announcements next week. I am very excited and so proud of her! It is amazing what you can do when you are determined.

It's only Tuesday and my week is going great! Today Bryan and I had a lot of fun going to the movies and having lunch. Have you guys seen A Thousand Ways to Die in the West? It is hilarious. I defiantly recommend it. This weekend is also going to be eventful. I will be attending a sample sale for Lip Service this Saturday and on Sunday I will be at Ink N Iron. Not really going for the tattoos, but for some vendors and to see Suicidal Tendencies. How's that for "hardcore"?! Anyways, it's going to be rad.

Can it be the weekend already?

xo, lex


  1. Cassidy3.6.14

    I love love love the color of your outfit! I like how it matches your room ;)

    1. It's my favorite color. :3 and thanks!

  2. Anonymous4.6.14

    That Jacket! I have been looking for it for months. Where did you get it?

    1. I got this at urban for $50. It was on sale, but a long time ago. I don't think they sell it anymore. You can try googling it or wait for them to have a sample sale. They might have some there. :) good luck!