"Boys of Summer"

"Nobody on the road,
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
The summer's out of reach."

"I can see you,
Your brown skin shining in the sun.
You got that top pulled down,
And that radio on, baby.
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong,
After the boys of summer have gone."

Dress// Vintage from Poshmark
Boots// Docs
Photos by Bryan Martinez
This summer was so hot. I hardly went out this year because my face would burn so quick and start peeling. At one point I looked like a snake shedding its skin. I am so glad it's over though and I cannot wait for fall and Halloween. That was one of the main reasons I purchased this dress. The colors and length reminded me of fall. If you haven't checked out Poshmark you should. It's a huge closet sale from people all over the U.S. You can find some pretty good deals on name brand clothing and it's all protected so you wont get scammed. This dress was only $8! I'm so happy with it! I can't wait to actually wear it on a cool day. Don't be fooled by the wind or leaves on the pictures it was actually more than 80 degrees out.




"From the inside room when the front room greeting
Becomes your special book, it was simple then
When the party lulls, if we fall by the side"

"Will you be remembered? Will she be remembered?
Alone in a crowd, a bartered lantern borrowed
If I'm to be your camera, then who will be your face?"

I'm finally done with school! I now have a Bachelors in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Studies. After school Bryan took me to Portland as a gift so I will be posting those photos next just waiting on the film. Currently I'm babysitting my cousin and in search of a job...so if you know of any help a sistah out!

Here are some more photos that I took during my last semester at Long Beach. I used my Kodak VR 35. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

xx, a


Nail Art

Hey guys,

This is just a side note to let you know I started a nail art account. I have always loved doing my nails and I finally thought I was good enough to share. I am not a professional nor did I go to school for this it's just a fun hobby. You can see my nail art on Instagram as well as the items I used. It would mean the world if you followed and showed support. Right now I'm just uploading photos but as soon as school is over I think I'll do some short video tutorials. I will probably only use Instagram as an outlet because I am too lazy and unskilled to make YouTube videos.

Thanks :)



 "Walk in silence,
Don't turn away, in silence.
Your confusion,
My illusion,
Worn like a mask of self-hate,
Confronts and then dies.
Don't walk away."

 "People like you find it easy,
Naked to see,
Walking on air.
Hunting by the rivers,
Through the streets,
Every corner abandoned too soon,
Set down with due care.
Don't walk away, in silence,
Don't walk away."

Sports Bra//Forever 21
Leggings//SuperShop 24 HRS
Photos by Bryan Martinez

Sorry for the lack of post. Its getting near the end of the semester and I want to end my last year on the honors list. I've been so busy studying and putting papers together.
Here are some photos Bryan took during our spring break. It was a lot of fun relaxing for a few days. We went hiking at Vasquez Rocks again. While in Palmdale we also visited some old ruins and a really cool gift shop I wish I took pictures of. They made their own honey and soda pops! My spring break was short lived because I still had to study for an exam. The good news: I got a perfect score!

xo, lex


"Still Waiting"

"So am I still waiting
For this world to stop hating
Can't find a good reason
Can't find hope to believe in"

"These eyes
Have seen no conviction
Just lies and more contradiction
So tell me what would you say
I'd say it's time too late.."

"How far
Will we take this
It's not hard to see through the fakeness
So tell me what would you say
I'd say it's time too late"

Photos by me

Here are some of my favorite photos I've developed recently. Enjoy.

xo, lex


"I'm Not a Loser"

"Think that I'm a loser,'cause my pants are really too low 
Think that I'm a slob, 'cause i got holes in my shoes"

"Well you can fuck off, 'cause i'm working sixty a week 
I'm not a loser!, that's right, I'm not a loser!, I'm not a loser!"

Collar//The Cobra Shop

I totally forgot to share all the goodies I got at the UNIF sample sale with you! The shirt and jacket are a few of the things. I was so excited when I heard they were having one, I thought for sure they had stopped and were going to do the online ones. Anyways, these shirts are so comfy and long enough to double as a dress! This bomber jacket is also really warm and perfect for this weird weather we're having. I feel so bad complaining about how cold I am when it's freezing in NYC.

On other news I got a call from the police department to come in for an interview. I am so excited and nervous, ah! I really hope I get this job. Wish me luck!


"Part Time Punks"

"Walkin' down the kings road,
I see so many faces
They come from many places
They come down for the day
They walk around together
And try and look trendy
I think it's a shame
That they all look the same"

"They play their records very loud
And pogo in the bedroom
In front of the mirror
But only when their mums gone out
They pay 5 pence fares on the buses
And they never use toothpaste
But they got two fifty to go and see The Clash.

Sweater//UNIF via Dolls Kill
Pants//Cotton On
Bag//Thrift Store
Pictures by Bryan Martinez 

Since this is my last semester of school I took an internship class during winter break,...so I had no break :( It was an amazing class, but I was sad I didn't get to travel like I usually do. However, I got to intern at different prisons/jails and gained amazing insight that books do not offer. On days off I took Jack on field trip. Here is when we went to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Its small, cute, and filled with knowledgeable staff. Plus its free (they accept donations)! Its also located right by the beach and they have decent tide pools. I would defiantly recommend this spot.