"Part Time Punks"

"Walkin' down the kings road,
I see so many faces
They come from many places
They come down for the day
They walk around together
And try and look trendy
I think it's a shame
That they all look the same"

"They play their records very loud
And pogo in the bedroom
In front of the mirror
But only when their mums gone out
They pay 5 pence fares on the buses
And they never use toothpaste
But they got two fifty to go and see The Clash.

Sweater//UNIF via Dolls Kill
Pants//Cotton On
Bag//Thrift Store
Pictures by Bryan Martinez 

Since this is my last semester of school I took an internship class during winter break,...so I had no break :( It was an amazing class, but I was sad I didn't get to travel like I usually do. However, I got to intern at different prisons/jails and gained amazing insight that books do not offer. On days off I took Jack on field trip. Here is when we went to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Its small, cute, and filled with knowledgeable staff. Plus its free (they accept donations)! Its also located right by the beach and they have decent tide pools. I would defiantly recommend this spot.

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