"I see our fate
I see our past
And all the things
That could not last
It's heavy on these eyes
Frozen as I hold this photograph"

"It's all we're left
That's of any worth
And it's so much more
Than a thousand words
Now in this frame
Is the only way we can endure"
Photos by me,
with Kodak VR35 K40

I never have any luck finding cute clothes when I go into Good Will, but I always happen to find cameras. I picked this one up a few months ago and finally got my film developed. It sucks because the Walgreen's by my house no longer develops 35mm film in an hour. They ship it out, so now it takes like three weeks. :(
I was looking at some photography on fliker and it got me really excited. However, it all went away when I picked up my film. I'm not a fan of how the colors came out. I am not sure if it's the the way the new company develops the photos or the camera, but I don't like it at all. It looks like I messed around with the saturation on photoshop. Also the focus range is really awkward. I have to be really far so it can be in focus. Half of my shots were all out of focus. The automatic winding is great though and its a really light camera. I recommend it if you want something quick to shoot with and throw in your bag.



  1. Found u on poshmark and somehow ended up here. Lol I love your blog! You have very nice style!