"Mass Nerder"

 "Don’t worry about an image
Don’t got no attitude
I know I won’t get laid
If I won’t be like you"

"Gonna kick their asses in class
Gonna get good grades!"

Outfit Deets:
Top: O-Mighty Clothing
Shorts: Thrifted
Jean Jacket: Thrifted
Photos by Bryan Martinez

Um can we talk about how rad O-Mighty is?!?! I fucking love them! They have awesome clothes and at such a great price. This is one of my absolute favorites! DORK SQUAD. Its soft and cozy and the print is bright so you can see it :) I have also gotten three other dresses from them that I will post up soon. The only downer is that they are located in Singapore so shipping is like $25 :((( but the clothes is at such a cheap price and its worth it! You can't find these clothes anywhere else! If you follow them on Instagram and sign up for their emails they let you know when they have free shipping WORLDWIDE, or discount codes. They are currently having free shipping. I am not too sure how long it will last, but I pray it's till tomorrow because that's when I get my pay check!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

xo, Lexi

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