"Seeing Red"

"You see me and you laugh out loud
You taunt me from safe inside your crowd
My looks, they must threaten you
To make you act the way you do"

"You see me and you think I'm a jerk
First impressions without a word
You can't believe your eyes at first
But now you know you've seen the worst"

Top//Hot Topic
Skirt//American Apparel
Boots//Dr. Martens 
Photos by Bryan Martinez

Jack has been obsessed with Pooh and Thomas the train lately. That's all he wants to watch and play. It was too hot to be walking around Disneyland, so I brought him to this little train museum in Lomita. I didn't even know it existed. Originally I was going to take him to the train place at Griffith Park. My dad always took me there as a little kid. However,, I searched for closer places and this little gem popped up! Its really small, but Jack loved it. He spent hours playing and running around. He is the cutest little thing.

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