"L.A. Girl"

"L.A. girl, L.A. world
Don't tell us how to act, don't tell us what to wear
L.A. girl, L.A. world
You didn't create our scene"

"Stuck in your world of dreams again
My life starts where your life ends
You've burned out your battery has died
If it wasn't for O.C. your scene alive"


I've been going to downtown LA a lot this summer. I'm helping my best friend, Sandra, with a project for her summer program she's in at USC. We are looking at how air pollution can affect parts of the brain. We've been trying to get some surveys done, but it's really hard. No one wants to do it :( Those that do are rude or don't understand what air pollution is. We need 30 and only have 4. It's going to be a long summer, but at least my friend and I have fun exploring the old side of LA. Until it gets dark that is lol.

Besides that, I have been going to LA with my friends and family. I went to the California Grand Plaza for the summer nights concert. I didn't know this, but they have free little concerts at the plaza on the weekends during summer. It's really cute. I have never heard of any of the bands playing, but it was still fun to watch and take in the view of LA. The have free things, coffee, and records. They have some food places, but you can bring your own to have a picnic.

I also attended the LA Art Walk for the first time this month. I loved it! If you have not gone and live near by I highly recommend it. Artist are selling their work and even painting in front of you. I wanted to buy some art, but naturally I picked the most expensive ones that were $2,000. The Art Walk takes place on Spring St, also known as the coffee district. I really want to live here. :) Lastly, I went to The Last Book Store where I fell in love and wanted to move in. Books, books, books, as far as the eye can see. Upstairs they have a labyrinth of used books for $1. It's a book worms dream.
xo, lexi
P.S. My camera man has been lagging so excuse the iPhone photos.


  1. Christina13.7.14

    You are beyond adorable! Love your hair and that book store looks amaIng. Wish I lived in LA. :(

  2. Aaron18.7.14

    You have so much UNIF I'm jelly >_<

    1. It's one of my favorite brands :3 you can get great deals if you wait till items go on sale!