"I'm Not a Loser"

"Think that I'm a loser,'cause my pants are really too low 
Think that I'm a slob, 'cause i got holes in my shoes"

"Well you can fuck off, 'cause i'm working sixty a week 
I'm not a loser!, that's right, I'm not a loser!, I'm not a loser!"

Collar//The Cobra Shop

I totally forgot to share all the goodies I got at the UNIF sample sale with you! The shirt and jacket are a few of the things. I was so excited when I heard they were having one, I thought for sure they had stopped and were going to do the online ones. Anyways, these shirts are so comfy and long enough to double as a dress! This bomber jacket is also really warm and perfect for this weird weather we're having. I feel so bad complaining about how cold I am when it's freezing in NYC.

On other news I got a call from the police department to come in for an interview. I am so excited and nervous, ah! I really hope I get this job. Wish me luck!

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