"Itchin on a Photohraph"

"I'm itchin' on a photograph
yeah I'm scratching on a thermostat
yeah I'm giving up on looking back
yeah I'm letting go of what I had"

"yeah I'm waiting on my mum and dad
yeah I'm swinging on a branch that'll last
yeah I'm going up then falling back
yeah I'm itchin' on a photograph"

March 2014
Sothern California
Shot with a Walgreens brand disposable camera

This is the third roll I shot for Indisposable Concept. I am so happy with it! It was a tone of fun documenting my spring break from Uni. I am really glad I did this. I cant help, but smile now as I look back on the memories I made. Indisposable Project is something everyone should do at least once in their life. Trust me; you wont regret it. These are my favorite of the roll, but you can see the entire roll here. You can also read about what Indisposable Concept is here and check out my previous post on my blog here (1st roll) and here (2nd roll).

xo, Alexis

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