"A nation dedicated to liberty
Justice and equality
Does it look that way to you?"

"I'm proud and ashamed
Every fourth of july
You got to know the truth
Before you say that you got pride"

Outfit Deets:
❤️ Misfits American Band Tee: Hot Topic
❤️ Lace Skater Dress: Cotton On
❤️ Studded Creepers: Fashion District, LA

Happy 4th of July fellow Americans! I hope you guys had a great day celebrating. My day was so much fun. I was originally scheduled to close at work, but lucky for me one of my coworkers wanted a shift and she took mine. I was so relived because I really wanted to spend the day with my family. We had a little BBQ at my house and everyone came over. After, we watched Wold War Z illegally haha. The fireworks were fun because it was jacks first time seeing them and he looked so cute. He's my little cousin btw....I know a lot of people think he's my kid just because I'm Mexican haha.... Any who I had a great time with my family. How did you spend your holiday?

Yesterday I took Jack to the mall because he didn't want to nap and I passed by Cotton On. I usually don't shop there because I think their clothes is rather plain, but they were having this big sale. You know I can't resist a sale! This lace skater dress was only $10. I like it because its really light for summer so I won't get too hot in it and its simple so I can dress it up, down, or in this case layer it. I don't really like wearing dresses because I feel like I'm going to flash everyone so I wore my Nike compression shorts under. I highly recommend you get some if you feel uncomfortable like I do. It's a good deal because you can run in them and use them as spanks. They're also really thin and come in different lengths. 

Well, good night!

xo, lexi

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